I attend quite a few Comic Cons throughout the year. I was wondering which Comic Con is your favorite and why? What makes that particular Comic Con so special? Is it the celebrities that they invited? Or is there an event specific to that con? Could it be the location of the con might be the reason it is your favorite?

I like making Comic Cons into mini vacations.  So it is a gold star if there is something to do outside of the Comic Con. For instance going to a National Park, Zoo, Beach or the Mountains are wonderful perks for me to stay and extra day.

I also like  it if a Comic Con has something unique about it. An example is a Comic Con that I went to a while back had wrestling ring for Cosplayers to fake battle in. (Imagine Sailor Moon Fighting Deadpool. lol ) Some Comic Cons have Bouncy Houses for kids which is neat. While others have 24 video rooms and Raves.

Right now I don’t have a favorite. However I am curious if you have a favorite… or two. 🙂

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