It is time for another SHARPIE DRAWING! This time I wanted to draw Anahita from THE HUNTED. I wanted the whole eerie, creepy feeling in the Sharpie Drawing. 

The first thing I drew was her face and hair. I then did a outline of her body and bloody sword.

I put Zombie Hands in it since the first book Anahita is in is filled with Zombies. I started to form the background a bit more. I even put a full moon in the sky. I like putting swirls in these drawings… and thought they would make perfect clouds.

I then went back to shading Anahita. I wanted her eye to look a bit crazed. Her other eye is covered by an eye patch.   

After that it was random shape and line time. The final thing was playing with line weights.

So what do you think about the latest Sharpie Drawing?

Sharpie Drawing - Anahita  From The Hunted

Sharpie Drawing – Anahita From The Hunted

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